Book your Trellis Dundee reservation on Resy
Book your Trellis Dundee reservation on Resy

Did you know that we have a new patio build-out at Trellis? If this is not a reason alone to come to visit us and check out the new addition, perhaps some benefits of outdoor dining will persuade you. Now that the weather is warming up and getting sunnier, eating outdoors has many advantages just beyond enjoying the fresh air. Remember, when you come to Trellis you can sit inside or outside, but we definitely prefer our new patio if the weather is right! If you need any more convincing, here are the 5 benefits of outdoor dining.

Benefit 1: Decreased Stress Levels

Maybe you are coming to dine with us after a long week at the office. Or, perhaps you have a reservation with a family member who might not always see eye to eye with you. Whatever the case may be, we get that our guests are coming in for a meal to try and ease stress and anxiety. Did you know that studies show that being outdoors can help to decrease stress levels? Spending time outdoors, which includes eating, can reduce blood pressure and help with focus and memory.

Benefit 2: Bring Your Dog!

Pets are typically not allowed indoors at restaurants, but being outside is a whole different ball game. If you have a well-behaved pup who can stay on the ground (aka not on the table or chairs) during your meal, you are welcome to bring them to dine with you at Trellis. It may be a good idea to give us a call beforehand to make sure there is room on our newly constructed patio since dogs are not allowed inside of our dining room.

Benefit 3: Change of Scenery

For most of us, the majority of the day is spent inside. Whether it’s sleeping, an office desk job, or shopping, it is much less common to spend time outdoors than it is inside (especially in the cooler months here in Oregon!). So, deciding to spend mealtime outside just makes sense when it comes to thinking of ways to get fresh air. Make it a goal this spring and summer to get outside more, and you can start by coming to see our new patio!

Benefit 4: More Seats

It’s very common for us to be booked up for dinnertime, so if you come in without a reservation you may have gotten turned away in the past. While we always do recommend making a reservation with us, especially in the evenings, now that we have our new patio, there is more space for diners who want to stop in for an impromptu bite to eat. This means more satisfied customers, which is always a great thing!

Benefit 5: The Ambiance

There is something special about enjoying meals outside. Whether it’s the fresh air, the vacation-like feeling, or simply the change of pace, eating outside is just different than enjoying a meal indoors. Since the entire dining experience is very important to us here at Trellis, we want our customers to feel special every time they come in. Enjoying a delicious meal, good company, and good drinks alfresco is the perfect way to do just that.

Have we convinced you to stop by to check out our new patio? We hope that you come in soon to see us!