Wine lovers are drawn to the Willamette Valley for so many reasons. Chances are, even if you aren’t a huge wine drinker, you’ve been to the Willamette Valley if you’re a Portland native. So, what does this area have to offer those who don’t get the hype over our delicious wines? If friends and family are planning an upcoming trip to Dundee, Newberg, or another Oregon wine country town, there are still plenty of libations to enjoy. These are our tried-and-true, never fail top 5 cocktails to drink in the Willamette Valley. Impress your group during your next wine country dinner by ordering one of these refreshing drinks.

1. Aperol Spritz

These trendy cocktails have been making the news recently, and there’s no mystery why: they are absolutely the perfect cocktail to enjoy on a summer evening. Originally from Northern Italy, Aperol Spritzes are made with a citrusy/bitter liquor called aperol, club soda, prosecco and an orange for garnish. When mixed together, these ingredients create a beautiful orange drink that is refreshing and light. Think of this drink as the perfect cocktail to drink in the Willamette Valley for non-wine lovers!

2. Bloody Mary

You will be pleased to know that we offer one of the best Bloody’s in the Willamette Valley. These drinks are best consumed for brunch and are the perfect cure for a hangover from the night before. Made with seven main ingredients including vodka,  tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, black pepper, tabasco sauce and lemon juice, this drink can certainly be polarizing. Really, you probably either love or hate the Bloody Mary. Which camp are you in? For those of you who love it, come try ours!

3. Whiskey Chai

This is a special concoction that you won’t find on many menus. The Whiskey Chai is for someone who likes to appear mysterious with an uncommon drink. Another beverage that can be consumed for brunch, this comforting and warming drink is the perfect antidote for a cloudy and drizzly day in the Pacific Northwest. Have you tried our Whiskey Chai yet?

4. Elderflower Cocktails

This liquor is named after the plant used to make it; the blossoms from an elderflower bush are steeped in a high proof alcohol for a few days, then strained and sugar is added. These light liquor tastes amazing in a variety of mixed drinks. We serve up elderflower liqueur cocktails mixed with Prosecco and Gin. Or, if you’re not a fan of bubbles, we offer a whiskey based option as well.

5. Margaritas

You really can’t go wrong ordering a margarita anywhere in the world, and the Willamette Valley is no exception. A margarita is just simply a perfect drink that tastes good, no matter what food you are enjoying it with (they also taste amazing without food as well!). The next time you are in wine country, we recommend heading over to Trellis and ordering one of our famous margaritas and a burger. Your stomach will thank you!