The Anatomy of a Perfect Burger

Achieving the perfect burger is both equal parts science and art. What we love about crafting the most delicious burgers in all of the Willamette Valley is that this ultimate meal can be consumed year round. Burgers on the patio in the sunshine are perfectly indulgent with a glass of Argyle sparkling wine. Or, in the cooler weather, tucking into a tasty burger paired with a glass of a Willamette Valley pinot noir could not be cozier. So, how does one go about perfecting this staple meal? Here we share a few tips on the anatomy of a perfect burger. Whether or not you want to get creative and be a chef at your own kitchen, or visit us for the best burger experience in the Willamette Valley is up to you. One thing is for sure though – we guarantee you will be craving a burger after reading these tips!

Step 1. It Starts with the Beef.

In order to make the best burger, you need to be sure you are using the best beef. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have plenty of local ranches where you can find the freshest, grass-fed beef that has been recently butchered. Which is exactly what we use at Trellis. Our burger consists of ⅓ lb. cascade beef, for the perfectly portioned burger that is not too overwhelmingly heavy. Be sure to avoid any frozen patties or pre-formed patties from the grocery store for the best-tasting beef. To make the tastiest burger, buy your beef locally, ideally from a farmer’s market. Once you have the freshest, highest-quality beef, it’s time for cooking.

Step 2. Choose Your TOPPINGS!

Call us biased, but there is absolutely a perfect combination of toppings for the best burger in town. As other, more nationally recognized chain restaurants have figured out, the toppings for a perfect, all-American burger include American cheese and caramelized or sauteed onions. Why are these two toppings a must? For starters, American cheese melts beautifully on a burger. Secondly, the combination of salty cheese plus savory and sweet caramelized onions makes the ideal addition to your fresh beef. Throw in our secret house dressing and some fresh veggies like lettuce, tomato, pickles, and/or red onions, and you’ve got yourself the only meal you need. If you want to get extra fancy, consider adding one of our signature toppings like a fried egg or bacon. And, if you want the ultimate experience, ask for two patties – that’s ⅔ lbs. of beef!

Step 3. Cook to Perfection.

You’ve probably heard many different ways to cook a burger – grilled, flame-broiled, fried, etc. When it comes to cooking your burger, it’s really up to you which way you like best. At Trellis, our wait staff will ask you how you like your burger. For us personally, the perfect burger is cooked somewhere between medium-rare and medium. And, as far as the method of cooking, it simply depends on what you have access to. If you’ve got a fancy, state-of-the-art grill for grilling, great. If you just have a stovetop, that works too! No matter the cooking method, there is one tip we love for getting the best patty, which you can read more about here. Dimpling your patty during the cooking process will ensure a thin patty that’s never too thick and puffy.

Step 4. Completing the Meal with Sides

Now that you have a beautiful burger, what will you eat with it? At Trellis, our rosemary and pecorino fries are always a huge hit, and there’s just no way you can go wrong with a side of french fries. If that feels a bit too indulgent, there’s always a delicious house salad that you can pair your burger with or a bowl of soup. And, don’t forget that you can always order your burger on a lettuce bun if you are avoiding gluten or just want to focus on the burger flavor more than bread. Whatever you pick, your burger will only be enhanced with any of these tasty sides!

Now that you know our tips on the anatomy of a perfect burger, will you try to make one at home? Be sure to tag us on social media if you end up recreating a Trellis burger in your home kitchen. And, if that seems too complicated, don’t worry! Just pop in to have our chefs make the perfect meal for you.