With lots of holidays and reasons for celebration in the month of December, it’s a good idea to secure a reservation at Trellis, especially if your plans include a weekend evening dinner. While this is a very busy time of year, making reservations in Oregon Wine Country doesn’t have to be hard. If you are new to making reservations at Trellis, here are our tips for securing a table during busy times.

Reserve Online

There are several very user-friendly ways to book a table with us online. The first option is by navigating to our homepage and clicking the BOOK NOW red button in the top right-hand corner. From here, you can select the number of people at your party and the date you would like to come in. Note that the time slots indicate whether you are looking for an indoor table or on our patio. This option will work for parties of up to six people.

If you are not on the website, simply visiting the Google listing for Trellis works as well! This option is the same as through our website (both are powered by the same app), so whichever you prefer is up to you. Simply enter in your details and you will receive your reservation confirmation via email after the booking has been successfully submitted..

Reserve By Phone

Another option if you want to reserve a table is to give us a call at 503-538-1716. This option is required if you have more than six people at your party. Give us a call during normal business hours (11 AM – 9 PM, closed on Wednesdays) and we will take care of your larger group, or if you have a small group and just want to give us a call! Please indicate when giving us a call if there is a specific area where you would like to sit and if there is something special that you are celebrating so we can make your dining experience with us as special as possible. Giving us a call is also a good idea in case you have any more specific questions about the menus or the restaurant itself that you can’t find online.

Making a reservation is always a smart idea if you are planning to eat with us, and it’s that much more crucial if you plan to dine during the holiday season when everyone is celebrating. Give us a call today or book online to secure your spot with us for a memorable meal!