The temperature of your sandwich can be a personal decision that not everyone agrees upon. Some people may crave a cold, crisp sandwich, while others prefer their meat and veggies to be heated between two slices of toasted bread. No matter your preference, there definitely is a difference when it comes to hot and cold sandwiches. If you are on the fence, allow us to share our favorites that are currently on the menu and Trellis, and why each one is so unique.

Tuna – Hot vs. Cold

First up on our menu is an incredibly popular choice for a sandwich – tuna. There is a big difference when it comes to the temperature that you prefer for this type of sandwich. To start, our cold sandwich option of Tuna Salad is a simple mix of tuna salad, mustard, mama lil’s peppers, and fresh, crisp greens served on sourdough bread. This is a filling option that is an excellent choice for an afternoon picnic that may or may not involve wine tasting. 

On the other hand, our tuna melt is made with the same base ingredients but has a whole different vibe. The Albacore Tuna Melt has melty Tillamook white cheddar cheese and that’s it. You can eat this option with a knife and fork and it can feel more like an authentic meal vs. the tuna salad which is more of an on-the-go option. If you are gearing up for a hike or lots of physical activity, this sandwich is the perfect pregame.

Turkey – Hot vs. Cold

Turkey, another completely popular sandwich option, also can be hot or cold, depending on how you like it. For our cold turkey sandwich, we offer everyone’s favorite – the Turkey Club. This is what many may consider the perfect example of a sandwich. You’ve got turkey, bacon, avocado, greens, spicy aioli, and mustard to make this a tasty meal. Again, this cold option would be a great choice to eat on the go if you’re coming back from the beach or stopping in town for a quick bite to eat. 

The hot version of our turkey sandwich is the Turkey Pesto. Much like our other hot sandwich options, the star of this sandwich is the combination of turkey, pesto, and melty, bubbly cheddar cheese. Add in some fresh spinach to balance out the heaviness of the pesto and cheese for a delicious combination of flavors. This one will surely not disappoint the hungry customer who wants a filling meal.

Other Options

In the cold sandwich department, or veggie sandwich is like a salad on bread (let’s be read – everything is better with our house focaccia!). Mushrooms, avocado, pesto, mama lil’s peppers, and lots of fresh greens make this a nutrient-packed choice for anyone who’s got a grumbling stomach.

Our hot sandwiches also include our famous burger, our Reuben, French dip, and a short rib sandwich. These options are definitely a bit heavier and filling than our cold options, making them a great choice if you are not going to have your next meal for quite some time.

While every sandwich is different, we guarantee that no matter which one you choose – hot or cold – you will leave feeling totally satisfied. We hope you come in soon to try all our different options!