Mother’s Day is sneaking up on our calendars and will be here by the end of next week!. Do you have any plans for the special mother in your life? Whether it’s your mom, the mom to your kids, or your mother-in-law, planning something out of the ordinary is a way to make all mothers feel special on this day. If you are looking for ideas, look no further. At Trellis, we are still taking reservations for Mother’s Day brunch and dinner. Here are a few reasons why joining us at Trellis for a Mother’s Day celebration is the best idea if you happen to be in the Willamette Valley.

Make a Fun Trip

If you live in Portland, Salem, the coast, or any other part of Oregon really, consider using Mother’s Day as a reason to get out and explore the beautiful Willamette Valley wine country. If possible, plan a special trip to Oregon wine country where you can do many different activities, including joining us for brunch or dinner. Whether it’s wine tasting, stopping at local farms for some spring produce, or browsing the shops in Newberg, you will need to have a meal at some point and we know we won’t disappoint you!

Leave the Cooking to Us

If there is one thing that moms are always doing, it’s probably cooking. If the mom in your life needs a break from the kitchen, treating her to a special meal is a nice way to show that you appreciate the hard work she does feeding the family every day. Any mom who spends a lot of time cooking would surely appreciate a meal out where all she has to do is enjoy the food and company!

Give Mom a Break

If the special mother in your life is parenting small children, giving her a well-deserved break is the best gift of all for Mother’s Day. Consider making a reservation for just her (or some of her other mom friends as well) at Trellis for a leisurely brunch where she can relax and feel like her pre-kid self again. Mother’s Day is all about letting the moms de-stress, and a nice brunch in wine country sounds pretty relaxing if you ask us!

Celebrate with the Whole Family

If Mother’s Day is usually a big family affair for you, consider celebrating at a restaurant this year. Letting our staff handle the food, drinks, cooking, and cleaning up sounds like a great way to let the moms relax and truly enjoy the day. You still have time to plan a meal with us here at Trellis and give the moms in your life a break from their hectic schedules. Having the whole family celebrate mother with some tasty food, good drinks, and good company sounds like the perfect celebration to us.

There are so many different ways to celebrate moms this year for Mother’s Day at Trellis. Book your reservation with us now to ensure some fun on this special day!