The new year is officially upon us and we are excited as ever for 2023. What do we hope to achieve this year at Trellis? To begin, we want to be sure that our customers continue to love the food that we serve up here in our Oregon wine country restaurant. Keep reading to find out more about what you can expect in 2023 from your family here at Trellis.

Delicious Food

As we head into 2023, delicious food will continue to be our top priority. It’s our goal to serve you comfort items like pasta, burgers, and french fries, but also offer unexpected menu additions like duck confit, risotto, and carbonara that will certainly make your mouth water. We want Trellis to be a place that anyone feels comfortable in – whether it’s a family-friendly atmosphere (be sure to check out our kid menu too), a business meeting that requires an elevated menu, or a simple meal to catch up with old friends over familiar food. We can do it all!

Superior Atmosphere

While a restaurant could not be successful without great food, a superior atmosphere is also incredibly important when it comes to running a great gathering place to eat. That’s why we will continue to make sure that our restaurant ambiance here at Trellis is the best in Oregon Wine Country. Come during lunch for a more laid-back feel, or sit on the patio if you want to have a more casual meal. Our dining room is cozy and perfect for a more formal setting.

Incredible Drinks

If you are a restaurant operating in Oregon wine country, make no mistake, your drink menu must be on point. This is where our passion for local wines really comes through. Our extensive wine menu is always changing and we want to bring you some of our own personal favorites that are made in our own backyard. Come to Trellis to experience the beauty of Oregon wine country, and also enjoy its products through our very detailed wine menu. Order a bottle and stay for a while, or grab a glass if you have somewhere to be. And, don’t forget about our deliciously unique cocktails and beer if you prefer those!

Local Commitment

Finally, in 2023 it’s our goal to continue serving up food that comes from local sources. We pride ourselves on being in such an agriculturally rich area, so why not take advantage of this incredible asset that many restaurants don’t have access to? Local farms, fresh produce, vineyards down the street, and small batches are what we love about living and working here in the Willamette Valley. For a true take on what it means to eat in wine country, Trellis will not disappoint.

We hope to have you dine with us in 2023 and look forward to serving you soon!