Crisp, fresh, and refreshing is the type of beverage you need in your hand on a hot day, right? Save the warm, sweet and heavy drink for cooler weather, and enjoy something light and delicious here for a summertime meal at Trellis. Our favorite summertime wines meet all the criteria that you crave for a libation in the heat. Here are our all-time favorite best summertime wines that we have in stock at our restaurant. Come by and enjoy a glass or two with a friend, or order a bottle and have a lovely al fresco meal on our patio to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Rosé Wine

Rosé wine certainly has a reputation for being a summertime wine, and there is a good reason why it’s known for being a hot weather treat. This wine is not a specific type of wine, rather it refers to the genre of wine (like red and white wine). Rosé is most similar to red wine, but the time that it is spent fermenting with the grape skins on is shorter than red wine. Since Oregon wine country is so well known for its Pinot Noir, you will find many excellent rosé wines in our area too. That’s because red wine grapes are most commonly used to make rosé. We recommend 2021 Willakenzie Estate Willamette Valley for a perfect bottle of summertime wine.

Sparkling Wine

Another totally refreshing drink is any type of sparkling wine. The effervescent bubbles and the fact that it is served chilled make it light and easy to drink. Pair a glass of sparkling with other refreshing treats like berries, a salad or an appetizer. Sparkling wine can be made from a variety of grapes, but the skins are removed, which is why you will see that the drink will appear like white wine, even if it came from a red varietal. There are two common methods of making sparkling wine – the French method (which allows pressure to build naturally to create bubbles), or carbonation is added to the wine after the fact. We recommend the 2017 Argyle Willamette Valley Brut from our wine menu for a local Willamette Valley sparkling wine.

White Wine

White wine is the ultimate refreshing summer drink, but having so many different options may make it overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. We recommend trying a Pinot Gris for a light, delicious summertime wine. Oregon wine country is known for some delicious Pinot Gris that goes alongside other menu items perfectly, like oysters, salads, and more. If you’ve ever had Pinot Grigio before, these two wines are made with the same grape. However, Pinot Gris uses French methods of winemaking and will be fuller bodied than Pinot Grigio. Our favorite Oregon Pinot Gris is from Sokol Blosser, Archery Summit, and Anne Amie.

What is your favorite summertime wine? Come by for a glass to cool off and enjoy this gorgeously warm weather!