Al fresco, outdoor dining, patio seating… these phrases are all different ways of saying basically the same thing – eating outside! When you go to a restaurant, the hostess will probably ask if you’d like to sit at the bar, inside, or outside. If the weather is nice, more often than not, the answer will likely be “outside, please.” So, why is outdoor dining so popular, especially in places like Portland that don’t necessarily have the sunniest weather year round? Here in the Willamette Valley, patio restaurants are still quite attractive. Let’s discuss the reasons why patio restaurants are the best. And, be sure to visit us at Trellis to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor dining!

Outside = Happiness

Sunshine and fresh air are an instant mood booster, so eating outside should naturally make you feel happier. Combine dining outdoors with some good company and good wine, and you’re basically getting a highly concentrated dose of happiness. Not only can eating outdoors be a mood booster for patrons, but the restaurant employees can benefit from working outside as well. Can you think of anything better than enjoying a glass of wine and appetizer with good company outdoors on a warm summer evening? It’s pretty hard to beat that. So, come join us as the weather warms up at our Willamette Valley patio restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating.

Kid Friendly

If you’ve got little ones, eating outside can be a more family friendly option. The term “inside voices” exists for a reason, so when you choose to dine al fresco, your little ones don’t have to feel the constraints of eating indoors with strangers. While eating outside, you don’t have to worry as much about children keeping their voices down, or perhaps wanting to get up and check out a plant or something that sparks their interest. Bonus points for patio dining on 99W – you get to see all the cars drive by and discuss them with the kiddos! If you have a young family and have been hesitant about dining in a restaurant, the best way to introduce this idea is by eating outside.

Pet Friendly

If your pup is part of your family, you’re in luck. Many Willamette Valley patio restaurants are pet friendly, which means your pooch can enjoy a meal with you. Keep in mind that pets should be kept on the ground (not in your lap or on the table), and you should only bring your dog to a patio restaurant if you know that they will be well behaved. Eating outdoors is attractive to many pet owners because your furry friend can join you for your meal vs. having to stay in the car or being left home alone.

Lots of Space

These days, keeping your distance from strangers is something that we just have to do. That’s why many restaurants have turned to outdoor dining, even during the winter here in the Willamette Valley. Outside, there is more fresh air circulating, and more opportunity to spread out guests. This means you can feel safer while dining and focus on enjoying good food, good wine, and good company.

New Ideas

Along the same lines with outdoor dining growing in popularity, we are looking for creative solutions to make outdoor dining accessible year round. Heat lamps, plastic enclosures, and virtual menus are just some things that restaurants in the area are doing to have outdoor dining become a more enjoyable experience year round. Our patio has been open all year, and it’s been a hit! We would love for you to join us for a meal, rain or shine.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits and reasons to eat outside this summer, as well as any time during the year. At Trellis, our large outdoor patio is perfect for all sorts of gatherings and we have the ability to serve you safely. Come join us for a lovely al fresco feast!